Dustin Combs: Owner


Dustin Combs, 29 years old is a young but experienced landscape contractor.  Born and raised in Madill, Oklahoma, Dustin has been in the agricultural world since birth.  Growing up, Dustin's interest in the outdoors began as a boy helping with the cattle, raising pigs and then later sheep.  Dustin was heavily involved in the Marshall County 4-H and Madill FFA where he would focus his time on sheep and pecan trees.  Dustin began to branch out on his own business venture as a senior in high school and then after graduating college with a Bachelors in Horticulture Science, Texoma Horticulture was born.  Texoma Horticulture has grown in 6 years from servicing Madill, Oklahoma to Carter, Marshall and Bryan Counties.  

Dustin is a licensed chemical applicator under the Department of Food and Agriculture for the State of Oklahoma.